We can help you qualify for a bad credit mortgage.

Getting a mortgage often happens at a stressful time in anyone’s life. When you have credit challenges, the right advice can make all the difference in the world.

People with bad credit can still get mortgages.

Many people think that if they have bad credit, poor credit or a low credit score they will be unable to get a mortgage. This isn’t the case. There are also many myths circulating about what mortgage companies will allow and what they won’t allow when it comes to bad credit. The main reason for this is that people often only talk to one bank, and learn about that bank’s policies. A mortgage broker with experience helping people with bad credit knows the policies of many different banks and mortgage companies, and therefore can present you with multiple options from multiple mortgage lenders.

What kind of Bad credit mortgages are available?

Bad credit mortgage loans require larger down payments, or more equity in your home if you are already a home owner. Sometimes, if the credit issues are minor enough, the best interest rates and mortgage products are still available to you. An experienced mortgage broker will try to get you the best rate that you qualify for, based on your current financial situation.
Here at MoneyValue: Canada Mortgage Brokers Inc, we can help you with:
  • Buying a Home with Bad Credit: You might be surprised that a higher interest mortgage is still better than paying rent.
  • Refinancing your Home with Bad Credit: Even if your current bank won’t renew your mortgage, we may be able to find a mortgage lender that will help you.
  • Home Equity Debt Consolidation: If you have a lot of consumer debt, and equity in your home, we may be able to use that equity to pay off some debt with your mortgage and help lower your total monthly payments.
  • Self Employed Mortgages: If you are self employed and think a bank won’t give you a mortgage, think again. We have many different lenders that have self employed mortgage programs.

    Contact Us Today to Learn More. A Licensed Mortgage Advisor will help you to qualify and help you repair your credit.